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Post  Texas Rangers on Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:31 pm

AL East: Yankees-just beginning to hit their stride...24-10 in last 34 games.

AL Central: Indians-not sure how but they have a 7 game lead and their divisoin sucks so there in.

AL West: Mariners-when you have the best record in MLB history you will make the playoffs so there.

AL WC: A's or Rangers- A's look to have it under control but in the last month and a half they are just a .500 team at 17-17 and the Rangers look to finally have things coming together as they are 22-12 in the last month and a half. It looks like a good finish.

NL East: Mets- reality is setting in for the Nats as they are 1-8 in the month of August and it just seems the Mets are a shoe in.

NL Central: Cubs- they are dominating and are too good to give up their lead.

NL West: Dodgers- same as Cubs^.

NL WC: Brewers- although the Nats are right there with them the Nats are struggling now and the Brewers should take this one.

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